Intensive Outpatient – Mission Statement

When given new opportunities to improve their lives, people will respond and change in ways that make sense to them.  Our mission is to provide those new opportunities and help participants be able to make sense of the process of recovery from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol to a drug and alcohol free lifestyle.  Experienced counselors who respect individual differences and needs will be there to encourage participants to change.  Our mission is to provide concrete steps to recovery and relapse prevention and to provide the support and knowledge to help participants through the steps.  We want to eliminate drug and alcohol abuse, improve self-management skills, provide on-going intensive intervention, offer an opportunity to improve life skills, and help participants modify their relationships and build new support systems to maintain sobriety.

Our approach to recovery and treatment begins with maintaining an alcohol and drug free environment.  An alcohol and drug free lifestyle is the goal for all participants whose alcohol and/or other drug related problems are due to personal consumption of alcoholic beverages and other drugs.  All participants shall be alcohol and drug free while on the program premises.  The curriculum is designed to help participants increase their motivation to abstain from alcohol and other drugs and to establish a recovery program.

Freedom from addiction, pain, confusion, and stress are the changes we seek.