Intensive Outpatient

Our Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) are comprehensive to facilitate life change.

The IOP Treatment includes:

• Drug and/or Alcohol Treatment

• Intensive Group Treatment

• Weekly Individual Treatment

• 12 Step Support

• Cognitive Behavioral Treatment

• Motivational Interviewing

• Goal Setting

• Flexible Treatment Planning

• Discharge Planning

• Relapse Prevention

The IOPs for Pain Management, Rx Abuse, and Mental Health include:

• Pain Management where appropriate

• Support for reducing Prescribed Medication

• Alternative Pain Management

• Relaxation and Stress Reduction

• Intensive Group Therapy

• Weekly Individual Therapy

• Anger Management

• Coordination with treating physicians

The IOP for Drug and/or Alcohol Treatment has as its goal change from addiction to a drug-free lifestyle.  The IOPs for Pain Management, Rx Abuse, and Mental Health have goals of elimination or reduction of prescribed addictive drug use, improved mental health, and improved coping skills.  Dual-Diagnosis clients participate in programs depending on need.

Our Autism Services include testing, evaluation, and family services.  We hope to have an IOP for Autism Services available soon.

We are striving for freedom from addiction, pain, confusion, and stress for our clients.

Intensive Outpatient